✔ Rigless well abandonment
✔ Sever and seal nested casing

✔ Unlimited length metal barrier
✔ Seal to cap rock

✔ Maximum safety
✔ Proven deployment technology

PANDA-Seal mission is to permanently seal a well to the highest quality, in the safest way possible.

The founders of PANDA-Seal are industry veterans with experience and expertise spanning many decades and are considered pioneers in well stimulation, artificial lift, drilling and completion technology.

PANDA-Seal is committed to on-going engineering and product development as well as next generation R&D.
Intellectual property are key assets to our company. We proactively file patents in our field.



  • Slickline System
  • Simple and reliable
  • Modular tool enables long plugs
  • Fibre optic Slickline (additional advantages)
  • Determine, cross flow, cement condition etc.
  • Smart tool functions
  • Real-time monitoring


  • Nested Casing Severing & Sealing
  • Live well deployment
  • Unlimited quantity
  • Controlled placement
  • Any material combination
  • Controlled Initiation
  • Real-time monitoring


  • Long term monitoring
  • Ensures plug integrity is holding up
  • Improves safety in cases of plug drillout


  • Organic thermal insulator
  • Protect hardware
  • Contain process


Access Thermite – Non-explosive

PandaPERF1™Punctures tubing
PandaPERF2™Punctures tubing and casing A
PandaPERF3™Punctures tubing and casing A & B
PandaCUT™Severs tubing and casing

Seal Bismuth – Metal to Metal

PandaPLUG1™ Seals tubing
PandaPLUG2™ Seals tubing & annulus A
PandaPLUG3™Seals tubing, annulus A & B
PandaPLUG4™Seals tubing, annulus A, B & Open hole

Monitor – Pressure monitoring

PandaWATCH™Both Bismuth and Cement plug placement

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